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FINAL FANTASY XI Update (Jun 19 & 20)
Posted by: Cuer - Mon Jun 19th, 2006 01:06 pm EDT
Jun. 20, 2006 06:00 [PDT]

All Worlds Maintenance (Jun. 20)

At the following time, we will be performing FINAL FANTASY XI maintenance on all Worlds. During this period, FINAL FANTASY XI will be unavailable.

We ask that players who are scheduled to enter Assault areas, Dynamis or Limbus at the time of the maintenance wait until it is complete before entering. Please note that we cannot replace items that are lost during the maintenance process

Thank you for your patience.

[Affected Period]
Jun. 20, 2006 10:00 to 12:00 (PDT)
*Maintenance completion time may be subject to change.

[Affected Services]

[Maintenance Details]
- Several in-game issues will be fixed.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

Jun. 19, 2006 06:00 [PDT]

All Worlds Maintenance (Jun. 19)

At the following time, we will be performing FINAL FANTASY XI maintenance on all Worlds. During this period, FINAL FANTASY XI will be unavailable.

We ask that players who are scheduled to enter Assault areas, Dynamis or Limbus at the time of the maintenance wait until it is complete before entering. Please note that we cannot replace items that are lost during the maintenance process.

Thank you for your patience.

[Affected Period]
Jun. 19, 2006 12:00 to 14:00 (PDT)
*Maintenance completion time may be subject to change.

[Affected Services]

[Maintenance Details]
- Several in-game issues will be fixed.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

PlayOnline: RMT Countermeasures
Posted by: Cuer - Mon Jun 12th, 2006 12:29 pm EDT
Jun. 12, 2006 01:00 [PDT]

RMT Countermeasures

Recently, a number of accounts which were confirmed to have violated the the user agreement by using unauthorized third-party software tools were discovered and have been permanently suspended.

Since the middle of May, 2006, the development team and the GMs carried out a detailed investigation of this problem, and discovered the existence of a group using illicit methods to produce large amounts of gil that are later sold in the real world (Real Money Trading). We would like to take this opportunity to outline the measures that have been taken to correct this issue.

Based on the results of this investigation, more than 250 accounts among those found to be involved in large-scale RMT operations have been terminated. We will continue to monitor accounts suspected of dealing in gil created or obtained in an unfair manner. Thanks to these measures, more than 250 billion gil has been removed from circulation.

As has been previously stated, acts of RMT will not be tolerated in FINAL FANTASY XI, and any violations of the user agreement will be dealt with severely. We would like to assure our players that all efforts are being made to ensure a fair playing experience.

We hope to have your continuing understanding and cooperation in creating a Vana'diel that everyone can enjoy.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

FINAL FANTASY XI Linkshell Community Beta Version
Posted by: Cuer - Fri Jun 09th, 2006 12:01 pm EDT
From the Official FFXI Site (June 28):

FFXI Linkshell Community

The FINAL FANTASY XI Linkshell Community Beta Version!

The FINAL FANTASY XI Linkshell Community beta version starts today! Use this page for all your linkshell needs, including everything from recruiting members for missions to posting news on upcoming events.
Register your linkshell here.

From the Official FFXI Site (June 9):

FFXI Linkshell Community

FINAL FANTASY XI Linkshell Community Beta Version

The FINAL FANTASY XI Linkshell Community Beta Version is a new service that will be available to adventurers in the very near future! Now you will be able to communicate with your linkshell members from any location with Internet access!

Community Support Tools

Many tools are provided by the Linkshell Community to support the groups that adventurers have formed within the world of FINAL FANTASY XI. For example, members of a linkshell will have access to an exclusive message board, as well as an up-to-date list of current member information. The Linkshell Community will also provide a linkshell search function and a list of recently formed linkshells for each individual World.

Official Game Data

The character profiles displayed on the linkshell member lists will be directly connected to in-game data. Character information will be automatically updated at regular intervals, making it unnecessary for players to manually adjust their profiles. In addition to job levels and synthesis skills, other information such as current titles and mission ranks will also be displayed, allowing members to easily recruit for missions and plan events for their linkshell.

We will continue to add many more useful functions as the Linkshell Community evolves.

The Linkshell Community is an official SQUARE ENIX site;, however, please be cautious when registering your information on other FINAL FANTASY XI-related social networking sites. We hope this new service will help bring a new dimension to your life in Vana'diel!

Official PlayOnline Announcement

PlayOnline Development News: June-July 2006
Posted by: Cuer - Thu Jun 01st, 2006 12:04 pm EDT

From the Official FFXI Site (July 22):
Merit Point Additions
With the upcoming merit point additions, you will be able to improve your character even further with all-new abilities and spells in the existing 15 job categories. Merit point job categories will also become available for blue mages, corsairs, and puppetmasters.

Merit Point Categories
New Merit Point Abilities
The existing 15 job categories will be improved to allow players the opportunity to further customize their level 75 characters with unique abilities.
These improved categories will include 4 to 8 abilities for each job. Depending on the distribution of merit points, it will be possible for players to access multiple new abilities.
Check out the upcoming version update news for what's in store.

- Subcategories
The 15 existing job categories will be divided into subcategories. Group 1 will include conventional abilities, while Group 2 will include the new job abilities, job traits, and spells.

- Accessing New Abilities
You can access Group 2 abilities by spending 1 point on the ability you wish to learn. Additional points spent on the same ability will shorten the recast time or enhance the effect (refer to the help text for each ability to learn the specific bonus).
Lowering the number of merit points in an ability to zero will cause it to disappear from your ability list.

- Ability Point Maximums
The Group 1 and Group 2 subcategories have separate totals for the maximum number of possible ability increases. Spending merit points to improve conventional abilities will not affect the acquisition of the new abilities.

Merit Points for Blue Mages, Corsairs, and Puppetmasters

In the upcoming version update, merit point job categories will be added for the three new jobs introduced in the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion disc.
These categories will initially contain only the Group 1 subcategory, allowing players to improve the basic abilities for these jobs.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

From the Official FFXI Site (July 19):

Notorious Monsters

In the upcoming version update, new notorious monsters and battlefields will be introduced into the Treasures of Aht Urhgan areas. Also, certain monsters will soon possess an accumulative resistance to magic.

New Notorious Monsters

Now that everyone seems to be used to the new areas and enemies of the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion disc, a number of notorious monsters will be introduced in the next version update.

In addition, a new type of high notorious monster (HNM) will be added to the beastman strongholds.

Victory will not come easy when facing these new challenges!

New Notorious Monsters

New Battlefields

A number of new battlefields are scheduled for the Treasures of Aht Urhgan areas. You can attempt these battlefields by using Imperial Standing credits.

We have adjusted the system so that most players should be able to make an attempt once or twice a week with the Imperial Standing they earn, but players can enter the battlefield every day if they have enough credits. This should make the new battlefields more accessible than orb battles.

Accumulative Magic Resistance

Currently, a large number of players can team up to overpower the enemy in certain battles by hitting the enemy repeatedly with only elemental magic. This tactic has had an unbalancing effect on the game, and we decided a change was needed.

However, altering the effects of powerful magic spells would have a negative effect on black mages and other magic users. Rather than altering magic effects or strengthening monsters, we determined that the adjustment to solve this issue should be as small as possible in scope and affect other gameplay mechanics as little as possible.

Therefore, for the next update we have decided to implement an accumulative magic resistance effect for all monsters whose strength reads "impossible to gauge."

We have also made several other adjustments to minimize the effect of this change on black mages and other magic users. For example, a party fighting a notorious monster with one to two black mages will probably not notice the difference.

However, we have decided to give Bahamut in the quest "The Wyrmking Descends" and Diabolos in the quest "Waking Dreams" a stronger accumulative magic resistance than other notorious monsters.

-Types of Affected Magic Damage
When a notorious monster is repeatedly hit by the following types of magic, it will accumulatively build magic resistance:

Black magic (elemental), white magic (divine), ninjutsu, magical blood pact abilities, magical blue magic, magical weapon skills (e.g., Spirits Within and Red Lotus Blade), and certain job abilities (e.g., Chi Blast and Mijin Gakure)

-Resistance Fluctuation
When a monster with accumulative magic resistance is hit by a magic attack, the amount of damage it receives will decrease in accordance with that monster's resistance. At the same time, its resistance will increase.

The monster's resistance will increase in accordance with the amount of damage incurred, but each monster has a maximum resistance level.

In addition, the monster's resistance will decrease with time if it is not hit by any repeated magic attacks.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

From the Official FFXI Site (July 14):

Empire's Most Wanted

The Empire has released a list of some of the more prominent villains among the beastmen. Click here to see Aht Urhgan's most wanted!

From the Official FFXI Site (July 10):


Besieged – Additions and Adjustments

In the upcoming version update, we will increase the importance of strategy during Besieged by introducing new Notorious Monsters as well as various system additions and adjustments.

Since its introduction in the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion disc, Besieged has become far more popular than the development team ever anticipated.

This popularity leads to certain victory with little need for strategy on almost every World, as hundreds of players unite to repel the beastman hordes. With the gradual adjustments that have been implemented, it is now possible to witness the furious battle unfolding within Al Zahbi. However, many players have voiced their desire to participate in a more strategy-based Besieged. With this aim in mind, the following adjustments are planned for the upcoming version update.

New Notorious Monsters

With the addition of Notorious Monsters that require more than just numbers to defeat, Al Zahbi will find itself under attack from even more powerful beastman armies.

Invading the Beastman Bases

The composition of the armies advancing on Al Zahbi will be greatly affected by attacks on the beastman bases.
Invading the home ground of the savage beastmen and weakening their forces will become an essential step in the defense of Aht Urhgan's capital.

We are aware that the crowding that accompanies the Besieged event overwhelms the processing power of many clients, and prevents a smooth gaming experience.
The standard solution to this issue would be to restrict the number of players in the area; however, we feel that hundreds of characters of all levels participating in the same battle is what makes Besieged so popular in the first place.

We have no plans to restrict or remove this new feature based on hardware issues. While there is no simple solution, we intend to continue making adjustments that will improve players' enjoyment of Besieged.
We are also planning on implementing measures in the next version update that will address issues associated with insufficient memory for certain types of hardware.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

An interview with the FFXI developers is available at 1up.com, with further info on changes in the next game update; topics include the new zones, chocobo raising, HNM spawns, and more.

From the Official FFXI Site (July 6):

Artifact Quests for New Jobs

Quests for Blue Mages, Corsairs, and Puppetmasters!

The artifact and limit break quests for the blue mage, corsair, and puppetmaster jobs will be added in the next version update! More details below.

The version update was scheduled to take place in mid-July, but has been postponed until late July.

The artifact and limit break quests for the blue mage, corsair, and puppetmaster jobs will be added in the next version update. You must have attained a certain level with each job to access its new quests.

New Artifacts

The artifact quests are continuations of the previously available "An Empty Vessel," "Luck of the Draw," and "No Strings Attached" quests. Like the artifact quests for other jobs, there will be three quests for each new job that the player must complete in order to attain the artifact weapon and two pieces of armor.

The other three pieces of artifact armor will not be available in coffers, but instead can be obtained by a new method. The Aht Urhgan areas are for high-level players, and placing coffers in these areas would make the artifact quests significantly more difficult than those for the other jobs.

Limit Break Quests

The NPC Maat, famous or even infamous for his part in previous limit break quests, will not be appearing in the new quests due to his lack of expertise in the jobs of the Near East. Instead, the player will have to battle against important figures for each job in order to breach their innate limits.

You must complete the three artifact quests for each job before attempting its limit break quest.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

From the Official FFXI Site (July 3):

Chocobo Digging and Gardening

Chocobo Digging and Gardening

Click here to read another "Life in Vana'diel" article about chocobo raising. New information on changes and additions to chocobo digging and gardening can also be found below.

There will be a number of changes and additions to chocobo digging and gardening in accordance with the introduction of the chocobo raising feature in the next version update.

Chocobo Digging

The following changes and additions will be made to chocobo digging to complement the chocobo raising feature. These changes will not affect players' digging skill. The player's chocobo digging skill will apply to any chocobo they ride or raise.

[Chocobo Abilities]
Raising a chocobo in a certain way may result in the acquisition of various abilities. Some of these abilities will enhance the profitability of chocobo digging, such as by increasing the variety of items obtainable via the digging command.

[Buried Items]
Up until now, buried items were available in such a limited amount that if several players dug in an area for long enough, they could gather all the items in the area. In the next version update, the following adjustments will be made in order to allow a greater number of players to enjoy chocobo digging:
-The number of buried items in each area will increase.
-Depending on the chocobo, "fatigue" similar to that incurred during fishing will be imposed upon the player after digging for a certain period of time.


New seeds will be added in the next version update to allow players to grow their own chocobo feed. Players will be able to grow feed in the same manner as other plants, and will not need to learn any special techniques or purchase any specific tools.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

From the Official FFXI Site (June 28):

Adjustments to Assault

Adjustments to Assault

In the next version update, we will be adding all new Assault missions that continue in the spirit of providing casual gameplay for busy players. We also plan to adjust the number of Assault Points received for existing missions.

New Assault Missions

In conjunction with the release of the two new mercenary ranks, we will be introducing additional Assault missions. Five new missions will be available at the rank of Lance Corporal, and another five missions at the rank of Corporal. A wider range of options and the necessity for unique strategies will accompany these new missions, so don't let your mercenary skills grow rusty!

Adjustments to Existing Missions

The development team designed the Assault missions to provide a large number of options for parties of various sizes and job compositions. However, with the difference in the number of Assault Points earned depending on party size, players began leaning towards attempting certain missions with very specific jobs. With the aim of creating an even more flexible and enjoyable system, the following adjustments will be made in the upcoming version update:

- Assault Point Adjustment 1
When participating in an Assault mission with 4 or more people, the penalty on the number of Assault Points earned per person will be decreased.

- Assault Point Adjustment 2
The number of Assault Points earned for each Assault mission will be adjusted to better reflect the level of difficulty.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

From the Official FFXI Site (June 26):

New Aht Urhgan Missions

New Aht Urhgan Missions!

The next version update will bring the release of a new region, new mercenary ranks, and the long-awaited continuation of the Treasures of Aht Urhgan storyline in the form of new missions.

New Missions

The FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team left difficult battles out of the early Treasures of Aht Urhgan missions in order to allow as many players as possible to enjoy the new content. However, the new missions will be aimed for higher level players, reinforcing the words of Naja Salaheem: "Salaheem's Sentinels only takes the best of the best, the crrream of the crop!"

Fierce adversaries and the mysteries of the Aht Urhgan Empire await you!

New Mercenary Ranks

The next version update will introduce two new mercenary ranks and their corresponding rank evaluations.

One of the new rank evaluations will be themed after helping out the less experienced.

A New Region

The new region "Ruins of Alzadaal" will be added to the Aradjiah continent.

At first, only a part of the area "Alzadaal Undersea Ruins" will be accessible, but other areas will gradually be made available by subsequent version updates.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

From the Official FFXI Site (June 21):

Aht Urhgan Features

New Features in Aht Urhgan

The FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team has put several measures into effect since the release of the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion disc to lessen the congestion in Al Zahbi, including adjustments to Besieged and the introduction of auction house fees and bazaar taxes. The upcoming Mog Locker expansion and the introduction of new features in Aht Urhgan are designed to create a more convenient atmosphere for players. While the effects of these changes may not be immediately visible, we believe that these measures will eventually result in less overcrowding of the new towns.

Mog Locker Expansion

The Mog Locker was introduced for the convenience of players exploring the new areas of Aht Urhgan. In order to preserve in-game balance, the Mog Locker was given an initial capacity of 50 items and limited to use in Al Zahbi. Even more players than expected have begun to use this service, so we decided to eliminate some of the restrictions on the Mog Locker during the next version update.

1. Maximum capacity increased to 60 items
Following the next version update, trading Aht Urhgan currency to Fubruhn in Aht Urhgan Whitegate will allow you to increase your Mog Locker capacity to hold 60 items.

2. Access expanded to areas outside Al Zahbi
You will soon be able to use your Mog Locker in your Mog House from anywhere in Vana'diel after the completion of certain free procedures. However, these procedures will slightly shorten the length of a Mog Locker lease, which costs one Imperial bronze piece to renew. In addition, the remaining time on the current lease will be proportionately reduced. Of course, you can always choose to make your Mog Locker usable only in Al Zahbi once again.

3. Mog Locker lease renewable from any area
In accordance with the Mog Locker access expansion, players will also be able to renew their lease for one Imperial bronze piece from a Mog House at any location.

New Features in Aht Urhgan

After careful consideration of the effects on game balance, the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team has deemed the following features ready for addition to the towns of the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion disc:

1. Chocobo Stables Grand Opening
The chocobo stables in Al Zahbi will finally open for use in the next version update. Players will be able to rent a chocobo in Al Zahbi and ride out into the Wajaom Woodlands. Please note, however that the NPCs at the chocobo stables may be captured during Besieged, disabling chocobo use until their rescue.

2. New NPCs
The following NPCs will be added to the towns of Al Zahbi and Aht Urhgan Whitegate:

-An equipment storage NPC
-A special event item storage NPC
-A weather forecast NPC
-A Pursuivant NPC to transport players to Brenner and Ballista matches

Furthermore, additions will be made to the number of special event items that can be stored.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

From the Official FFXI Site (June 19):

Chocobo Info

More Chocobo Raising!

In this next installment, we bring you more in-depth information from the world of chocobos! See here for the full details.

From the Official FFXI Site (June 16):

July Version Update

Version Update Scheduled For July!

The first version update after the release of the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion disc is scheduled to take place in mid-July. As announced at the FINAL FANTASY XI Fan Festival 2006, players will finally be able to raise their own chocobos! Adjustments to Besieged, new missions and quests, and a variety of other additions and changes are also on the way! More information will be posted on this site as soon as it is made available, so keep checking back for the latest updates!

From the Official FFXI Site (June 1):

Raising Chocobos
Chocobo Raising

The FINAL FANTASY XI development team has finally addressed everyone’s cries for a system to raise their own personal chocobos. As announced at the FINAL FANTASY XI Fan Festival 2006 in Santa Monica, this new feature will be introduced in the next version update!

Raising Your Chocobo
[Basic Concept]
Think of chocobo raising as an upgraded version of gardening. You can raise a chocobo by taking care of it for a minimal amount of time each day over a span of roughly 1-3 months, so even players with little time can enjoy this feature. Your chocobo may come in handy when it is fully grown!

[Chocobo Eggs]
Your first step is to get hold of a chocobo egg. Each egg is encoded with its own specific genetic information, and some players may come across an extremely rare variety…

[Caring For Your Chocobo]
You must work together with the chocobo stable employees in order to properly care for your chocobo. Feeding your chocobo and spending a bit of time with it each day will gradually build trust. You will be amazed at how your chocobo grows!

Chocobo Variety
Chocobos differ based on their color and type…and possibly more. Naming will be handled in the same way that dragoons and puppetmasters select their wyvern or automaton’s name, but there will be more options than ever before!

Match up your chocobo with your friend’s chocobo and see what happens. If the match is right, you could end up with a new baby chocobo!

Scores of other exciting features are scheduled to be added in the next version update, so keep checking the main site for more information in the next few days!

Official PlayOnline Announcement

Site Updates - May 21, 2006
Posted by: Cuer - Sun May 21st, 2006 01:34 am EDT
A large slew of new mobs and quests make up the majority of this site update, all part of the new expansion zones. These can be seen in further detail in the April 2006 FFXI Patch Compilation of Info.

Items Added: Cleaning Tool Set

Items Updated: Moghancement: Conquest, Tree Saplings, Merrow No. 17's Locket, Ic Pilav +1, Ic Pilav, Bloodwood Lumber, Lambent Wind Cell, Lambent Earth Cell, Lambent Water Cell, Lambent Fire Cell, Khroma Ore, Karni Yarik +1, Cerberus Claw, Apkallu Fletchings, Iron Nugget, Water Crystal, Silver Nugget, Ice Crystal, Brass Nugget, Earth Crystal, Darksteel Nugget, Windurstian Tea Leaves, Yayla Corbasi +1, Yayla Corbasi, Menemen +1, Menemen, Virtue Stone, Yogurt, Auric Sand, Karni Yarik, Dark Bronze Ingot, Gold Leaf, Mythril Pick, Pot of Tsetseroon's Stew, Tin Ore, Cobalt Jellyfish, Pamamas, Date, Istavrit, Istiridye, Ahtapot, Mercanbaligi, Istakoz, Imp Wing, Merrow Scale, White Honey, Rainbow Berry, Sickle, Animator, Antique Automaton, Bag of Gold Pieces, Forgotten Hexagun, Sunsand, Dangruf Stone, Siren's Tear, Platinum Leaf, Light Cluster, Light Crystal, Ahriman Lens, Image Recorder, Vial of Luminous Water, Lightning Band, Electropot, Electrolocomotive, Electrocell, Pickaxe, Dkhaaya's Research Journal, Sutlac, Wind Crystal, Rock Salt, Copper Nugget, Orichalcum Ore, Sulfur, Iron Sand, Flint Stone, Bomb Ash, Mythril Ore, Scintillant Ingot, Luminium Ore, Mamook Blackscale Key, Mamook Tanscale Key, Mamook Silverscale Key, Halvung Brass Key, Halvung Bronze Key, Halvung Shakudo Key, Lamian Bone Key, Lamian Fang Key, Lamian Claw Key, Roast Coffee Beans, Qiqirn Mine, Diatryma Meat, Cerberus Hide, Coffee Powder, Mana Conserver, Mana Converter, Mana Tank, Damage Gauge, Flashbulb, Auto-Repair Kit, Stealth Screen, Heatsink, Mana Jammer, Heat Seeker, Volt Gun, Stabilizer, Analyzer, Armor Plate, Shock Absorber, Pattern Reader, Scope, Accelerator, Scanner, Loudspeaker, Mana Booster, Inhibitor, Tension Spring, Strobe, Dark Card, Light Card, Water Card, Thunder Card, Earth Card, Wind Card, Ice Card, Fire Card, ??? Box, ??? Cloth, ??? Potion, ??? Ingot, ??? Necklace, ??? Shield, ??? Sash, ??? Cape, ??? Ring, ??? Earring, ??? Headpiece, ??? Footwear, ??? Gloves, ??? Bow, ??? Axe, ??? Polearm, ??? Dagger, ??? Sword, Imperial Gold Piece, Imperial Mythril Piece, Imperial Silver Piece, Imperial Bronze Piece, Ancient Beastcoin, 1 Byne Bill, 10,000 Byne Bill, 100 Byne Bill, Tukuku Whiteshell, Rimilala Stripeshell, Lungo-Nango Jadeshell, Montiont Silverpiece, Ordelle Bronzepiece, Ranperre Goldpiece, Automaton Oil +2, Automaton Oil +1, Automaton Oil, Cerberus Meat, Tariqah -1, Macuahuitl -1

NPCs Added: Daswil, Shamarhaan

NPCs Updated: Momoroon, Nabihwah, Nomad Moogle, Ugrihd, Fubruhn, Shihu-Danhu

Mobs Added: Archaic Mirror, Archaic Mirror, Archaic Mirror, Thunder Elemental, Air Elemental, Submarine Nipper, Orobon, Cyan Deep Pugil, Utukku, Cyan Deep Crab, Cyan Deep Pugil, Abyssal Pugil, Thalassic Pugil, Imp, Kulushedra, Bathybic Kulushedra, Apkallu, Bigclaw, Water Elemental, Thunder Elemental, Revenant, Blanched Kraken, Ocean Kraken, Passage Crab, Gugru Crab, Ocean Jagil, Gugru Jagil, Gugru Orobon, Giant Orobon, Lahama, Talacca Clot, Wootzshell, Llamhigyn Y Dwr, Arrapago Leech, Giant Orobon, Llamhigyn Y Dwr, Lahama, Wootzshell, Chimera Clot, Arrapago Leech, Ice Elemental, Dark Elemental, Lamia No. 24, Lamia No. 19, Lamia No. 11, Bukki, Ephramadian Shade, Bhoot, Draugar Servant, Merrow Typhoondancer, Merrow Wavedancer, Merrow Bladedancer, Lamie Necromancer, Lamia Necromancer, Lamia Idolater, Seneschal Imp, Emperor Apkallu, Qiqirn Trailer, Qiqirn Treasure Hunter, Purgatory Bat, Lahama, Heraldic Imp, Jnun, Fallen Imperial Trooper, Fallen Imperial Wizard, Fallen Volunteer, Lamie Toxophilite, Lamia Toxophilite, Lamie Deathdancer, Lamia Deathdancer, Lamie Bellydancer, Lamia Bellydancer, Lamia Fatedealer, Lamia's Elemental, Lamia Dancer, Lamia Dartist, Lamia Graverrobber, Nix Typhoondancer, Nix Wavedancer, Nix Bladedancer, Nix Songstress, Merrow Songstress, Merrow Kabukidancer, Merrow Shadowdancer, Merrow Icedancer, Merrow Chantress, Qutrub, Phasma, Draugar's Wyvern, Reserve Draugar, Ashakku, Nipper, Arrapago Apkallu, Llamhigyn Y Dwr, Suhur Mas, Caedarva Marshscum, Caedarva Pondscum, Dark Elemental, Water Elemental, Thunder Elemental, Guard Bhoot, Qiqirn Mireguide, Qiqirn Rock Hound, Guard Skeleton, Ephramadian Shade, Lamia Deathdancer, Lamia Chaukidar, Lamia Necromancer, Lamia Toxophilite, Lamia Idolater, Heraldic Imp, Draugar Servant, Spongilla Fly, Mosshorn, Lamia Fatedealer, Jnun, Reserve Draugar, Mature Treant, Elder Treant, Wild Karakul, Oil Slick, Orderly Imp, Puktrap, Marsh Murre, Caedarva Leech, Chigoe, Treant Sapling, Fire Elemental, Earth Elemental, Dahak, Antares, Friar's Lantern, Moblin Billionaire, Moblin Millionaire, Wamouracampa, Ebony Pudding, Black Pudding, Troll Machinist, Troll Cuirasser, Troll Grenadier, Troll Scrimer, Troll Targeteer, Troll Combatant, Troll Artilleryman, Troll Gemologist, Troll Cameist, Troll Ironworker, Troll's Automaton, Troll Engraver, Troll Smelter, Troll Lapidarist, Troll Stoneworker, Magmatic Eruca, Qiqirn Diamantaire, Qiqirn Mercenary, Volcanic Bats, Purgatory Bat, Troll Speculator, Cerberus, Fire Elemental, Earth Elemental, Wootzshell, Giant Orobon, Vozold Jagil, Sicklemoon Jagil, Zazalda Jagil, Sicklemoon Crab, Vozold Clot, Phasma, Dahak, Ebony Pudding, King Apkallu, Troll's Automaton, Hilltroll Puppetmaster, Hilltroll Ranger, Hilltroll Dark Knight, Hilltroll Paladin, Hilltroll Red Mage, Hilltroll Monk, Hilltroll Warrior, Wamoura Prince, Wootzshell, Sicklemoon Jagil, Assassin Fly, Sweeping Cluster, Volcanic Leech, Mountain Clot, Magmatic Eruca, Zhayolm Apkallu, Aydeewa Crab, Cave Pugil, Anautogenous Slug, Cave Mold, Slime Mold, Air Elemental, Cave Tiger, Great Ameretat, Qiqirn Archaeologist, Qiqirn Mosstrooper, Mycohopper, Aydeewa Diremite, Mold Eater, Phlebotomic Slug, Slime Mold, Qiqirn Liueter, Qiqirn Enterpriser, Puktrap, Fossorial Flea, Treant Sapling, Mamook Mush, Suhur Mas, Mamool Ja Bloodsucker, Mamook Crab, Air Elemental, Sea Puk, Watch Wyvern, Qiqirn Poulterer, Qiqirn Goldsmith, Nipper, Mamool Ja Pikeman, Mamool Ja's Raptor, Mamool Ja Stabler, Mamool Ja Blusterer, Mamool Ja Infiltrator, Mamool Ja Mimer, Mamool Ja Philosopher, Mamool Ja Lurker, Spinner, Battle Bugard, Ziz, Mamool Ja Frogman, Mamool Ja Diver, Mamool Ja's Wyvern, Mamool Ja Spearman, Mamool Ja's Lizard, Mamool Ja Strapper, Mamool Ja Bounder, Mamool Ja Sophist, Mamool Ja Savant, Mamool Ja Zenist, Mamool Ja Mimicker, Hunting Raptor, Carriage Lizard, Colibri, Suhur Mas, Puk, Azoth Apsaras, Red Osculator, Red Smoocher, Mercurial Makara, Kissing Leech, Chigoe's Nit, Berried Chigoe, Air Elemental, Haunt, Fomor's Bats, Fomor Beastmaster, Fomor Thief, Fomor Bard, Fomor Paladin, Great Ameretat, Mamool Ja Mimicker, Puk, Mamool Ja Bounder, Mamool Ja Sophist, Mamool Ja Savant, Mamool Ja Zenist, Ameretat, Woodtroll Ranger, Woodtroll Dark Knight, Woodtroll Monk, Woodtroll Warrior, Carmine Eruca, Colorful Treant, Defoliate Treant, Treant Sapling, Woodland Runner, Giant Marid, Marid, Chigoe, Wajaom Tiger, Red Kisser, Worker Pephredo, Soldier Pephredo, Aht Urhgan Attercop, Lesser Colibri, Troll's Automaton, Fomor's Bats, Chigoe's Nit, Berried Chigoe, Plague Chigoe, Air Elemental, Kissing Leech, Azoth Apsaras, Red Smoocher, Haunt, Fomor Beastmaster, Fomor Thief, Fomor Bard, Fomor Paladin, Incubus Bats, Mamool Ja Blusterer, Mamool Ja's Wyvern, Mamool Ja Pikeman, Mamool Ja Lurker, Mamool Ja's Raptor, Mamool Ja Stabler, Mamool Ja Infiltrator, Mamool Ja Mimer, Mamool Ja Philosopher, Colorful Treant, Olden Treant, Giant Marid, Marid, Date Eruca, Colibri, Troll Shieldbearer, Troll Surveillant, Troll Sabreur, Chigoe, Treant Sapling, Red Kisser, Ameretat, Wajaom Tiger, Lesser Colibri, Aht Urhgan Attercop, Jurik, Sea Puk

Mobs Updated: Mother Globe, Teine Sith

Quests Added: Promotion: Superior Private, Promotion: Private First Class, Rock Bottom, What Friends Are For, Totoroon's Treasure Hunt, Cook-a-roon?, Two Horn the Savage, The Prankster, Fear of the Dark II, Such Sweet Sorrow, A Taste of Honey, Vanishing Act, Delivering the Goods, Give Peace a Chance, Finding Faults, No Strings Attached, The Die Is Cast, Luck of the Draw, An Empty Vessel, Get the Picture, Got It All

Quests Updated: The Road to Aht Urhgan, Brygid the Stylist Returns

Zones Updated: Ferry Between Al Zahbi & Nashmau, Ferry Between Mhaura & Al Zahbi, Talacca Cove, Arrapago Reef, Al Zahbi, Mount Zhayolm, Aydeewa Subterrane, Bhaflau Thickets, Aht Urhgan Whitegate, Wajaom Woodlands, Caedarva Mire, Mamook, Halvung

Recipes Added: Balik Sis, Chai, Gold Nugget, Troll Bronze Sheet

Desynthesis Recipes Added: Troll Pauldron, Tactician Magician's Hooks +1, Noct Gloves, Tariqah -1, Jadagna -1, Januwiyah

Recipes Updated: Arbalest, Soil Tekko, Darksteel Falx, Ebonite, Venom Dust, Iron Bullet, Bloodwood Lumber, Polyflan, Goblin Coif, Mana Booster, Tsahyan Mask, Jambiya, Flounder Meuniere, Emperor Roe, Hydro Cutter, Sis Kebabi, Roast Coffee Beans, Jaridah Salvars, White Honey, Karakul Leather, Tuck, Jadagna, Polyflan Paper, Januwiyah, Mezraq, Black Ink, Cornstarch, Scintillant Ingot, Hexagun, Cotton Tofu, Karakul Thread, Wind Arrowheads, Earth Arrowheads, Karni Yarik, Star Globe, Pebble, Wailing Shell, Imperial Wootz Ingot

Desynthesis Recipes Updated: Noct Brais, Brass Hammer, Lamian Armlet, Qutrub Gorget, Mamool Ja Helmet, Macuahuitl -1

Items Drops/Obtained Added: Sutlac, Giant Bird Feather, Ziz Meat, Dryad Root, Bloodwood Log, Rosewood Log, Ebony Log, Dogwood Log, Pine Nuts, Date, Chestnut Log, Arrowwood Log, Lauan Log, Archaic Mirror, Lesser Chigoe, Denizanasi, Orobon Lure, Ice Cluster, Silica, Lamian Armlet, Lamian Fang Key, Lamian Bone Key, Merrow Scale, Dark Cluster, Water Cluster, Lightning Cluster, Qutrub Bandage, Insect Wing, Undead Skin, Revival Tree Root, Karakul Meat, Karakul Wool, Imp Horn, Imp Wing, Bird Feather, Bird Egg, Bomb Ash, Cerberus Meat, Cerberus Hide, Cerberus Claw, Algol, Fire Cluster, Earth Cluster, Apkallu Egg, Strobe, Flan Meat, Januwiyah -1, Jadagna -1, Wamoura Cocoon, Crab Shell, Land Crab Meat, White Sand, Pugil Scales, Cluster Ash, Apkallu Feather, Bloodthread, Avatar Blood, Zinc Ore, Silver Ore, Copper Ore, Flint Stone, Qiqirn Sandbag, Slime Oil, Carbuncle's Ruby, Tariqah -1, Seashell, Mamool Ja Helmet, Mamook Tanscale Key, Lacquer Tree Log, Silk Thread, Puffball, Mistletoe, Fiend Blood, Beastman Blood, Royal Jelly, Giant Stinger, White Honey, Pephredo Hive Chip, Malboro Vine, Tariqah, Wind Cluster, Bat Wing, Macuahuitl -1, Mamook Blackscale Key, Marid Tusk, Marid Hide, Marid Hair, Crawler Cocoon, Crawler Egg, Black Tiger Fang, Colibri Feather, Colibri Beak, Spider Web, Wyvern Wing, Wyvern Skin, Puk Egg, Chimera Blood, Puk Wing, Map of Mount Zhayolm, Map of Aydeewa Subterrane, Nashmau Stew, Imperial Mythril Piece, Map of Caedarva Mire, Merrow No. 17's Locket, Irmik Helvasi, ??? Box, Animator, Random Ring, Corsair Die, Mark of Zahak, Imperial Silver Piece, Bibiki Seashell, Olduum Ring, Imperial Bronze Piece

Mini-Quests Updated: Obtaining the Promyvion Maps, Obtaining the Airship Pass For Kazham, Access via Sealed Portal (Horutoto Inner Ruins), Access via Ornamented Door (SSG), Toolbags for Ninja Tools, Quivers for Arrows and Bolts, Armor Storage - Event Items, Armor Storage - Complete Armor Sets, Strange Apparatuses, Re-Acquiring Artifact Equipment, Ancient Beastcoin Purchases

FINAL FANTASY XI Updates (May 9-24)
Posted by: Cuer - Wed May 10th, 2006 05:35 pm EDT
May 24, 2006 05:15 [PDT]

FINAL FANTASY XI Update (May. 24)

At the following time we have performed a version update of FINAL FANTASY XI.

[Affected Period]
May 24, 2006 4:00 (PDT)

[Affected Services]

[Important Update Details]

- Calculation of auction house charges has been changed to as follow:
[Jueno / Nashmau / Tavnazia areas]
Single item: 1% of selling price + 50 gil
Stack item: 0.5% of selling price + 200 gil

[Al Zahbi]
Single item: 1% of selling price + 100 gil
Stack item: 0.5% of selling price + 400 gil

- Bazaar taxes for the following areas have been lowered from 10% to 5%:
Ru'Lude Gardens, Upper Jeuno, Lower Jeuno, Port Jeuno

- The following players will be automatically moved to Aht Urhgan Whitegate when the Al Zahbi area has reached its maximum amount of population:
- When logging into Al Zahbi
- Attempt to move into Al Zahbi from nearby areas
- After receiving the "Tractor" spell
- When moved to any Homepoints within Al Zahbi

- During defensive Besieged, beastmen will now focus on reaching their goal, the Astral Plinth, than actively involving into battles.

- An issue wherein players may be able to receive experience points and Imperial Standings which has exeeded the cap has been fixed.

- Addressed an issue where internal test messages would display on the screen during Besieged.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

May 19, 2006 14:30 [PDT]

FINAL FANTASY XI Update (May 19)

At the following time, a FINAL FANTASY XI update was performed on all Worlds.

[Date & Time]
May. 19, 2006 13:45 (PDT)

[Affected Services]

[Important Update Details]
An issue was fixed wherein the game may freeze if players check their delivery boxes during a defensive Besieged.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

May 17, 2006 03:30 [PDT]

FINAL FANTASY XI Update (May. 17)

At the following time, we performed FINAL FANTASY XI version update on all Worlds.

[Affected Period]
May. 17, 2006 3:30 (PDT)

[Affected Services]

[Maintenance Details]
- Chances of NPCs within Al Zahbi being captured during Besieged have been adjusted.

- The Imperial defense recovery rate based on the amount contributed to the NPC "Gajaad" within Al Zahbi has been modified.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

May 15, 2006 11:45 [PDT]

FINAL FANTASY XI Update (May. 15)

At the following time, we have performed FINAL FANTASY XI maintenance on all Worlds.

[Affected Period]
May. 15, 2006 11:45 (PDT)

[Affected Services]

[Maintenance Details]
- The following modifications have been done to lighten Al Zahbi's congestion:
- Bazaar custom calculation for Aht Urhgan Whitegate has ben applied to the Al Zahbi area.
- The Home point within Al Zahbi has been removed.

- Beastmen level during besieged has been adjusted.

- Corsair's "Phantom Roll" and Puppet master's "Maneuver" effect will be cancelled under the following circumstances:
- Job change.
- Upon entering level limited areas o battle fields.
- Received monsters' attacks with dispel effect.

- Fixed an issue wherein "Empress Band" or "Chariot Band" bonuses would wear off without reaching the maximum bonus limit when under Sanction effect.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

May 13, 2006 02:15 [PDT]

FINAL FANTASY XI Update (May 13)

At the following time, we have performed FINAL FANTASY XI maintenance on all Worlds.

*The client software has also been updated at this time. The version update process will automatically begin upon login after the time stated below. Please follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

[Affected Period]
May. 13, 2006 2:15 (PDT)

[Affected Services]

[Maintenance Details]
- After the event scene for the beginning of a besieged is over, all participants will be automatically relocated to different positions within Al Zahbi.

- Fixed an issue wherein players were unable to obtain their "runic portal use permits" upon consuming 200 Imperial Standings.

- Fixed in game message regarding Corsair's ability "Phantom Roll."

- The following Xbox 360 version issues have been addressed:
- ";" would not function upon key assigning.
- And issue where the software keyboard would not function properly after the controller's power supply has been switch off.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

May 9, 2006 11:45 [PDT]


At the following time, we have performed FINAL FANTASY XI maintenance on all Worlds.

[Affected Period]
May. 9, 2006 11:45 (PDT)

[Affected Services]

[Maintenance Details]
- Following Besieged related issues will be modified:
Beastmen level during besieged
Beastman Stronghold increase rate

-An issue where a disbanded alliance would remain as not disbanded will be fixed.

- An issue where a map purchased with Imperial Standing could be purchased again will be fixed.

- Monster "Sicklemoon Jagil" will be addressed to only respond to sound instead of sight.

- An issue where players may be unable to obtain key item for the "Vanishing Act" quest while harvesting will be fixed.

- Guild NPC has been giving out the incorrect recipe for synthesizing "Jaridah Salvars." This will be addressed.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

Adventurer Appreciation Campaign
Posted by: Cuer - Mon May 08th, 2006 07:15 am EDT
Adventurer Appreciation Campaign

As of May 16, FINAL FANTASY XI will celebrate four years of service! In gratitude for everything adventurers have done for Vana'diel, the moogles are holding another Adventurer Appreciation Campaign. You can see reports on your battle history, and have the chance to receive some great items! Join your friends and bask in the appreciation of Vana'diel's citizens!

May 8, 2006 00:00 [PDT]

Adventurer Appreciation Campaign

Even the heads of state agree that the safety of our nations, the security of our cities, and the peaceful lives of our citizens are all made possible through the tireless efforts of Vana'diel's adventurers.

And now those same adventurers have taken the battle against evil and chaos to the lands of the Near East. It will only be a matter of time before the nation of Aht Urhgan also comes to appreciate their invaluable contributions...

It is time for adventurers to reap the rewards of their service!
Once again, the nations of San d'Oria, Bastok, and Windurst will become the stage for the "Adventurer Appreciation Campaign."

During the planned events, adventurers will receive gifts of gratitude from the townspeople and hear detailed reports of their conquests in battle (based on data secretly collected by the M.H.M.U.).

Behind this display of appreciation, perhaps there is a desire to stem the tide of adventurers leaving for Near Eastern shores...
In any case, the citizens of Vana'diel have the following message for their beloved heroes:

"Adventurers great and small, you have our heartfelt gratitude!
Your dedication and courage have made Vana'diel the wonderful place it is today!"

Event Locations
Southern San d'Oria
Northern San d'Oria
Bastok Mines
Bastok Markets
Windurst Waters
Windurst Woods

Event Schedule
This event is scheduled to begin on May 11 at 17:00 and end on May 31 at 0:00 (PDT).

Official PlayOnline Announcement

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Site Updates - May 2, 2006
Posted by: Cuer - Tue May 02nd, 2006 04:24 am EDT
A slew of additions here, providing data from the new Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion. Expanded details on much of this info can be found in the April 2006 FFXI Patch Compilation of Info.

Items Added: Puppetmaster Die, Corsair Die, Blue Mage Die, Summoner Die, Dragoon Die, Ninja Die, Samurai Die, Ranger Die, Bard Die, Beastmaster Die, Dark Knight Die, Paladin Die, Thief Die, Red Mage Die, Black Mage Die, White Mage Die, Monk Die, Warrior Die

Items Updated: Lamp Marimo, Knife, Bronze Knife, Hatchet, Sickle, Pickaxe, Rusty Bucket, Socks, Hose, Bracers, Gambison, Red Cap, Hawkeye, Dart, Scroll of Reraise III, Scroll of Flash, Scroll of Dispel, Scroll of Cursna, Scroll of Viruna, Scroll of Stona, Scroll of Silena, Scroll of Banishga II, Scroll of Holy, Scroll of Protectra IV, Scroll of Protect IV, Scroll of Protect III, Scroll of Curaga III, Scroll of Curaga II, Scroll of Cure IV, Spatha, Bronze Scales, Iron Sheet, Bronze Sheet, Iron Ingot, Bronze Ingot, Iron Ore, Tin Ore, Harpoon, Ash Pole, Ash Staff, Yew Wand, Flower Stand, Oak Lumber, Chestnut Lumber, Elm Lumber, Yew Lumber, Holly Lumber, Willow Lumber, Ash Lumber, Maple Lumber, Lauan Lumber, Arrowwood Lumber, Ebony Log, Mahogany Log, Rosewood Log, Oak Log, Chestnut Log, Walnut Log, Elm Log, Yew Log, Holly Log, Willow Log, Ash Log, Maple Log, Lauan Log, Arrowwood Log, Brass Finger Gauntlets, Onyx Ring, Silver Earring, Emerald, Moonstone, Zircon, Aquamarine, Jadeite, Goshenite, Amber, Clear Topaz, Sardonyx, Tourmaline, Amethyst, Onyx, Light Opal, Lapis Lazuli, White Rock, Black Rock, Purple Rock, Translucent Rock, Green Rock, Yellow Rock, Blue Rock, Red Rock, Mythril Chain, Brass Scales, Mythril Ore, Silver Ore, Copper Ore, Zephyr Thread, Spindle, Cape, Mitts, Tunic, Cotton Cloth, Grass Cloth, Gold Thread, Silver Thread, Silk Thread, Linen Thread, Cotton Thread, Grass Thread, Crawler Cocoon, Sheep Wool, Flax Flower, Saruta Cotton, Moko Grass, Tonberry Rattle, Uggalepih Whistle, Uggalepih Offering, Crossbow Bolt, Silver Arrow, Iron Arrow, Wooden Arrow, Great Bow, Longbow, Wrapped Bow, Self Bow, Shortbow, Cuir Highboots, Studded Boots, Lizard Ledelsens, Leather Highboots, Napa, Rice Vinegar, Ground Wasabi, Curry Powder, Holy Basil, Coriander, Turmeric, Gardenia Seed, Mizu-Deppo, Hiraishin, Makibishi, Kawahori-Ogi, Tsurara, Uchitake, Urushi, Tama-Hagane, Iron Sand, Bast Parchment, Toad Oil, Bamboo Stick, Soil Kyahan, Cotton Kyahan, Kyahan, Soil Sitabaki, Cotton Sitabaki, Sitabaki, Soil Tekko, Cotton Tekko, Tekko, Soil Gi, Cotton Dogi, Kenpogi, Nodowa, Soil Hachimaki, Cotton Hachimaki, Hachimaki, Bullet, Fire Arrow, Fuma Shuriken, Juji Shuriken, Shuriken, Pirate's Gun, Kamayari, Kiku-Ichimonji, Kotetsu, Okanehira, Nodachi, Tachi, Kanesada, Uchigatana, Shinobi-gatana, Wakizashi, Suzume, Kunai, Bomb Ash, Riot Grenade, Grenade, Scroll of Shock Spikes, Scroll of Enwater, Scroll of Enthunder, Scroll of Enstone, Scroll of Enaero, Scroll of Enblizzard, Scroll of Enfire, Scroll of Stun, Shell Bug, Guivre's Skull, Akinji Bazubands, Lotus Katana, Wailing Shell, Karakul Leather, Runic Portal Use Permit, Wind Arrowheads, Water Arrowheads, Ic Pilav, Ic Pilav +1, Scintillant Ingot, Silver Leaf, Millioncorn, Roast Mushroom, Distilled Water, Remedy, Ether, Potion, Echo Drops, Antidote, Eye Drops, Mithran Tomato, Eggplant, Olive Oil, Black Pepper, Wind Fan, Hydro Pump, Battery, Triturator, Hi-Potion, Deodorizer, Glass Fiber, Sage, Chamomile, Dried Marjoram, Crying Mustard, Wijnruit, Sulfur, Malboro Vine, Mercury, Scroll of Thunder III, Scroll of Blizzard III, Scroll of Fire III, Scroll of Aero III, Scroll of Water III, Scroll of Stone III, Scroll of Poisonga, Scroll of Bio II, Scroll of Poison II, Scroll of Sleep II, Scroll of Sleepga, Bug Broth, Pet Food Beta Biscuit, Pet Food Alpha Biscuit, Round Shield, Oak Shield, Mahogany Shield, Elm Shield, Maple Shield, Ziz Meat, Yogurt, Wamoura Cocoon, Troll Bronze Sheet, Troll Bronze Ingot, Qiqirn Mine, Puk Wing, Puk Egg, Polyflan Paper, Polyflan, Plasma Oil, Pephredo Hive Chip, Patlican Salata +1, Patlican Salata, Orobon Lure, Nashmau Stew, Mohbwa Thread, Mohbwa Grass, Mohbwa Cloth, Merrow Scale, Menemen +1, Marid Hair, Lamia Skin, Lesser Chigoe, Karakul Wool, Karakul Thread, Karakul Meat, Homunculus Nerves, Flan Meat, Coffee Cherries, Ebonite, Earth Arrowheads, Colibri Feather, Chimera Blood, Puk Fletchings, Qiqirn Sandbag, Mamool Ja Collar, Lamian Armlet, Uskumru, Lakerda, Kalamar, Kalkanbaligi, Quus, Black Sole, Noble Lady, Bastore Sardine, Pamtam Kelp, Cobalt Jellyfish, Sinking Minnow, Chestnut Club, Ash Club, Zaghnal, Bronze Zaghnal, Greataxe, Butterfly Axe, Darksteel Tabar, Tabar, Tulwar, Scimitar, Sapara, Dagger, Bronze Dagger, Patas, Darksteel Katars, Katars, Greaves, Chain Hose, Chain Mittens, Chainmail, Iron Mask, Alabaligi, Kayabaligi, Sazanbaligi, Yilanbaligi, Ayran, Menemen, Chivalrous Chain, Platinum Nugget, Yellow Globe, Hamsi, Gurnard, Crayfish, Denizanasi, Single-Hook Fishing Rod, Clothespole, Mithran Fishing Rod, Tarutaru Fishing Rod, Fastwater Fishing Rod, Bamboo Fishing Rod, Yew Fishing Rod, Willow Fishing Rod, Sabiki Rig, Worm Lure, Minnow, Fly Lure, Slice of Carp, Peeled Crayfish, Slice of Bluetail, Peeled Lobster, Sliced Cod, Sliced Sardine, Meatball, Trout Ball, Insect Ball, Crayfish Ball, Sardine Ball, Little Worm, Iron Bullet, Spartan Bullet, Silver Bullet, Bloody Bolt, Venom Bolt, Sleep Bolt, Holy Bolt, Acid Bolt, Blind Bolt, Kabura Arrow, Demon Arrow, Sleep Arrow, Scorpion Arrow, Elixir Vitae, Assassin's Culotte, Moogle Pie, Wamoura Cloth, Wamoura Silk, Miniature Airship, Flashbulb, Heatsink, Heat Seeker, Analyzer, Pattern Reader, Scanner, Strobe, Ether Drop, Imperial Tea Leaves, Cerberus Leather, Wild Onion, Marid Leather, Karakul Cloth, Hi-Ether Drop, Dragoon Die, Monk Die, Ninja Die, Paladin Die, Puppetmaster Die, Ranger Die, Samurai Die, Summoner Die, Thief Die, White Mage Die, Dark Knight Die, Corsair Die, Blue Mage Die, Black Mage Die, Beastmaster Die, Bard Die, Irmik Helvasi +1, Irmik Helvasi, Sutlac +1, Sutlac, Rock Salt, Qiqirn Cape, Qutrub Gorget, Troll Pauldron, Workshop Anvil, Imperial Cermet, Imp Wing, Colibri Beak, Imp Horn, Mandrel, Mythril Coil, Mythril Gear Machines, Paralysis Arrowheads, Marid Tusk Arrowheads, Apkallu Feather, Volt Gun, Mana Jammer, Roast Coffee Beans, Dried Date +1, Dried Date, Balik Sandvici +1, Balik Sandvici, Imperial Coffee, Imperial Coffee +1, Chai, Chai +1, Imperial Rice, Imperial Flour, Automaton Oil +2, Automaton Oil +1, Automaton Oil, Cornstarch, Dark Card, Earth Card, Fire Card, Ice Card, Light Card, Thunder Card, Water Card, Wind Card, Troll Vambrace, Qutrub Bandage, Mamool Ja Helmet, Mana Converter, Mana Conserver, Damage Gauge, Mana Tank, Stealth Screen, Stabilizer, Shock Absorber, Loudspeaker, Scope, Tension Spring, Mana Booster, Inhibitor, Imperial Silver Piece, Imperial Mythril Piece, Imperial Gold Piece, Imperial Bronze Piece, Auto-Repair Kit, Armor Plate, Accelerator, Sis Kebabi, Sis Kebabi +1, Balik Sis +1, Balik Sis, Pine Nuts, Coffee Beans, Apkallu Egg, Black Ink, Parchment, Map of Bhaflau Thickets, Map of Wajaom Woodlands, Map of Nashmau, Map of Al Zahbi, Gray Chip, Cyan Chip, Carmine Chip, Grotto Coffer Key, Quicksand Coffer Key, Den Coffer Key, Uggalepih Coffer Key, Oztroja Coffer Key, Davoi Coffer Key, Beadeaux Coffer Key, Thirteen-Knot Quipus, Silver Engraving, Jade Cryptex, Bloody Robe, Dhalmel Saliva, Wild Rabbit Tail, Crab Apron, Magicked Skull, Damselfly Worm, Lugworm, Coffee Powder

NPCs Added: Dahaeel, Banjanu, Falzuuk, Ugahar, Devonte, Gajaad, Talruf, Numaaf, Gameem, Zwiyaam, Yayaroon, Najaaj, Truffle, Eumoa-Tajimoa, Kahah Hobichai, Allard, Chayaya, Zafif, Bjibar, Famatar, Gadalar, Shayadar, Gaweesh, Najelith, Biyaada, Rughadjeen, Zazarg, Talhaal, Mihli Aliapoh, Iphaaf, Danaaba, Sujyahn, Sojan-Tamjan, Yando-Memondo, Mabebe, Opococo, Dabigo, Goyuyu, Djinabaha, Zwaluh, Nudahaal, Macici, Ndego, Hadibal, Chochoroon, Dahaaba, Salaifa, Yudi Yolhbi, Dehbi Moshal, Suldiran, Gidappa, Tatan-Bilten, Gadaana, Shihu-Danhu, Rajaaha, Bornahn, Krujaal, Awaheen, Viviroon, Mumuroon, Guhyun, Jojoroon, Jijiroon, Tsotsoroon, Pupuroon, Sajhra, Wata Khamazom, Yohj Dukonlhy, Belligerent Sheep, Abihaal, Bellowing Scout, Habadim, Buburoon, Zazaroon, Gehuha, Chuchuroon, Memeroon, Tataroon, Totoroon, Nadeeha, Poporoon, Leleroon, Jajaroon, Tsutsuroon, Momoroon, Yuyuroon, Ququroon, Pipiroon, Nomad Moogle, Nanaroon, Neneroon, Nomad Moogle, Fhe Maksojha, Mamaroon, Mimiroon, Kyokyoroon, Loloroon, Wafeeyah, Sisiroon, Yoyoroon, Tsetseroon, Nabihwah, Mishhar, Ugrihd, Sajahb, Sharin-Garin, Tazhaal, Milazahn, Dkhaaya, Hamnahb, Bujahwa, Talwahn, Zyfhil, Tafeesa, Koyol-Futenol, Maudaal, Kalimahf, Asrahd, Rujen-Gorgen, Rubahah, Mulnith, Gavrie, Malfud, Tehf Kimasnayha, Zabahf, Kazween, Mariyaam, Shahau, Sulbahn, Gathweeda, Wahraga, Hadayah, Nafiwaa, Drahbah, Ahaadah, Nijaom, Mazween, Muyadah, Kuhn Tsahnpri, Dwago, Furious Boulder, Somnolent Rooster, Atiza, Shahbizu, Galzweesh, Ekhu Pesshyadha, Mathlouq, Saluhwa, Balakaf, Gigirk, Ghatsad, Tateeya, Abda-Lurabda, Rodin-Comidin, Naja Salaheem, Abquhbah, Fochacha, Matifa, Zaranf, Prillaure, Ubahrid, Kubhe Ijyuhla, Tohka Telposkha, Arzizah, Mafwahb, Amajal, Lageegee, Bhoy Yhupplo, Yahsra, Qulsun, Rytaal, Kantila, Jumaaf, Qahzwin, Hishahma, Ugahar, Nadeey, Kuhmden, Kabihyam, Musdahl, Mhasbaf, Iruki-Waraki, Halbeeya, Zubyahn, Fayeewah, Yafaaf, Ratihb, Qutiba, Ulamaal, Hashayra, Kamnahb, Waoud, Hajoam, Kelsha-Melansha, Jidwahn, Hagakoff, Giehnz, Dabhuh, Sashosho, Bajahb, Nonoroon, Kulh Amaryio, Zwinam, Zarfhid, Burnished Bones, Esoteric Hound, Khaf Jhifanm, Baya Hiramayuh, Kemha Flashp, Wahnid, Hadahda, Mushayra, Isdebaaq, Famad, Kadura-Haidura, Teteroon, Cacaroon, Fubruhn, Zhamwaa, Ahkk Jharcham, Riyadahf, Adeben, Cehn Teyohngo, Faursel

Mobs Updated: Coo Keja the Unseen

Quests Added: Keeping Notes, The Road to Aht Urhgan

Zones Added: Talacca Cove, Ferry Between Al Zahbi & Nashmau, Hazhalm Testing Grounds, Ilrusi Atoll, Arrapago Reef, Leujaoam Sanctum, Periqia, Caedarva Mire, Nashmau, Navukgo Execution Chamber, Halvung, Mount Zhayolm, Lebros Cavern, Aydeewa Subterrane, Mamook, Jade Sepulcher, Mamool Ja Training Grounds, Wajaom Woodlands, Bhaflau Thickets, Al Zahbi, Aht Urhgan Whitegate, Ferry Between Mhaura & Al Zahbi

Zones Updated: Mhaura

Recipes Added: Silencing Potion, Flounder Meuniere, Emperor Roe, Karakul Leather, Hexagun, Kilij, Venom Dust, Bannaret Mail, Dried Date, Sturdy Trousers, Ic Pilav, Sutlac, Cerberus Bow, Imperial Coffee, White Honey, Menemen, Tuna Sushi, Balik Sandvici, Patlican Salata, Sis Kebabi, Ayran, Yogurt, Karni Yarik, Irmik Helvasi, Yayla Corbasi, Paralysis Arrow, Paralysis Arrowheads

Desynthesis Recipes Added: Hellish Bugle, Steel Cuisses, Qutrub Gorget, Lamian Armlet, Mamool Ja Collar, Troll Pauldron, Troll Vambrace, Brass Xiphos, Qiqirn Sandbag, Odorous Knife, Black Cotehardie, Mamool Ja Helmet

Recipes Updated: Polyflan Paper, Hexagun, Chimera Blood, Hi-Ether Drop, Mezraq, Karakul Thread, Puk Fletchings, Remedy Ointment, Mohbwa Thread, Pebble, Chocobo Jack Coat, Jaridah Bazubands, Jadagna, Scope, Irmik Helvasi, Dark Card, Light Card, Water Card, Thunder Card, Earth Card, Wind Card, Ice Card, Fire Card, Polyflan, Mana Conserver, Damage Gauge, Stealth Screen, Heat Seeker, Analyzer, Pattern Reader, Scanner, Inhibitor, Mana Booster, Mana Converter, Loudspeaker, Flashbulb, Strobe, Tuna Sushi, Yogurt, Mana Jammer, Accelerator, Mana Tank, Volt Gun, Shock Absorber, Auto-Repair Kit, Tension Spring, Heatsink, Imperial Coffee, Paralysis Arrowheads, Aht Urhgan Dart, White Honey, Al Zahbi Sash, Plasma Oil, Wamoura Cloth, Patlican Salata, Elm Shield, Coffee Powder, Coffee Beans, Wamoura Silk, Earth Arrowheads, Wind Arrowheads, Mythril Coil, Beeswax, Mythril Gear Machines, Elixir Vitae, Cerberus Leather, Mercury, Marid Leather, Karakul Cloth, Automaton Oil, Imperial Cermet, Iron Bullet, Karakul Leather, Parchment, Roast Coffee Beans

Desynthesis Recipes Updated: Scorpion Gauntlets, Shofar

Items Drops/Obtained Added: Revival Tree Root, Iron Bullet Pouch, Spartan Bullet Pouch, Silver Bullet Pouch, Bloody Bolt Quiver, Venom Bolt Quiver, Sleep Bolt Quiver, Holy Bolt Quiver, Acid Bolt Quiver, Blind Bolt Quiver, Kabura Quiver, Sleep Quiver, Demon Quiver, Scorpion Quiver, Silver Engraving, Map of Wajaom Woodlands, Boarding Permit

Mini-Quests Updated: Quivers for Arrows and Bolts, Toolbags for Ninja Tools

The Feast of Swords
Posted by: Cuer - Tue Apr 25th, 2006 12:04 pm EDT
Feast of Swords

Vana'diel is preparing once again for the Feast of Swords! The moogles are busily buzzing around as this Far Eastern celebration of boys' healthy growth draws nearer, but all the excitement seems to be due to yet another harrowing setback...

And so, the moogles are once again asking for help from the "courageous, illustrious, and awe-inspiring adventurers of Vana'diel" (in their own pleading words). Will you answer their call?

Apr. 25, 2006 01:00 [PDT]

The Feast of Swords

Vana'diel is once again gearing up for the Feast of Swords, a Far Eastern festival in which town residents celebrate their sons' healthy growth by raising banners decorated with enormous fish, and dressing the towns' male youth in armor for mock fights.

Many citizens of Vana'diel still remember the chaos of the last Feast of Swords, when the priceless armor the Mog House Management Union (M.H.M.U.) borrowed from the Far East was stolen. Thanks to the efforts of the adventurers, the armor ended up with back its Far Eastern owners just in time, but the near diplomatic near-disaster had everyone in a cold sweat for days.

Many seasons have passed since the international incident, and everyone expected the M.H.M.U. to have abandoned all hopes for the Feast of Swords...until now. Rumor has it that the M.H.M.U. was determined this time to create the perfect festival this time, and persisted in its pleas until the Far East finally gave in--and the Genji family lent them their legendary armor once more.

The moogles busily scurried around to make the preparations, and everything seemed to be in order...or so they thought.

Flash back to a few months ago. A cargo ship arrived carrying the Far Eastern armor, but it was disguised as an Aht Urhgan trading vessel. The reason for this deception was simple. The Far East stated that the Genji armor is a national treasure, and they did not want it taken while traveling through Aht Urhgan territorial waters. However, what seemed to be a prudent course of action ended up causing an even greater predicament than last year's incident...

The ship was immediately set upon by Near Eastern pirates after docking at the Mighoya Dunes on the continent of Mindartia. The pirates' leader, Barracuda Myu, had followed the vessel all the way from the Cyan Deep, believing that it carried powerful Aht Urhgan weapons.

Fortunately (or unfortunately?) for the Far Eastern crew, the Federal Forces of Windurst appeared to save the day. However, when Myu's gang was surrounded and left with nowhere to run, they turned to drastic measures. Upon learning that the ship actually carried sets of priceless armor, they devised a plan to escape wearing the cargo. They reasoned that surely no one would risk harming a national treasure.

And so, the moogles call on the adventurers to save them from yet another prickly situation. The master carpenter Kupelcian has once again begun production of a special weapon designed to inflict no scratches or dents on the treasure. Take up the wooden katana once more and save the invaluable armor from the pirates! The dignity of the M.H.M.U.--no, of the Middle Lands--can only be preserved by your actions!

[Event Participation]

-Speak to an event moogle in one of the three main nations to receive a lotus katana.

-Once you have a wooden katana or a lotus katana, speak to a nomad moogle to participate in the event.

-While participating in the event, you will be restricted to level 1, but your movement speed will increase. Please note that any equipment that you are wearing that is for level 2 or higher will automatically be removed.

-You cannot attack or be attacked by regular monsters during the event.

[Event Schedule]

This event is scheduled to begin on April 27 at 17:00 and end on May 11 at 0:00 (PDT).

Official PlayOnline Announcement

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FINAL FANTASY XI Updates (April 24-28)
Posted by: Cuer - Mon Apr 24th, 2006 03:01 pm EDT
From the Official FFXI Site (April 28):

Monsters and Enmity
Monsters and Enmity

More information regarding the MPK measures mentioned in the recent version update news is now available. Click here for details.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

Apr. 27, 2006 22:00 [PDT]

FINAL FANTASY XI Update (Apr. 27)

At the following time, we have performed FINAL FANTASY XI version update.

*The client software has also been updated at this time. The version update process will automatically begin upon login after the time stated below. Please follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

[Affected Period]
Apr. 27, 2006 22:00 (PDT)

[Affected Services]

[Important Update Details]
The following issues have been addressed:

- Unable to use auto translation function using the "Pause" key.

- "Mog Locker" item sort information was not saved properly.

- Several items were unable to be sorted correctly.

- Unable to filter countdown message while logging out.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

Apr. 27, 2006 11:50 [PDT]

FINAL FANTASY XI Update (Apr. 27)

At the following time, we have performed FINAL FANTASY XI version update.

*The client software has also been updated at this time. The version update process will automatically begin upon login after the time stated below. Please follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

[Affected Period]
Apr. 27, 2006 12:00 (PDT)

[Affected Services]

[Important Update Details]
The following issues have been fixed:
- An issue wherein the wide scan would not function properly with Blue Mage, Corsair or Puppetmaster set as support job.

- An issue with incorrect automaton status display.

- Some Shadow (fomor) type monsters which have lost their target would not disappear when they are out of their radius of activity.

- During Besieged, level and speed of beastman army marching towards Al Zahbi have been modified.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

Apr. 25, 2006 06:10 [PDT]

FINAL FANTASY XI Update (Apr. 25)

At the following time, we will be performing FINAL FANTASY XI version update.

*The client software will also be updated at this time. The version update process will automatically begin upon login after the time stated below. Please follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

[Affected Period]
Apr. 25, 2006 6:00 (PDT)

[Affected Services]

[Important Update Details]
The following issues have been fixed:
- An issue where characters may become stuck at the pier of Al Zahbi or Nashmau.
- Icons within auction houses are not displayed correctly.
- An issue where Aht Urhgan quest and mission Current and Complete lists displayed for those who do not have "The Treasure of Aht Urhgan" installed.

* The following was addressed on the Apr. 25, 2006 4:15 maintenance:
- An issue where only the party leader was allowed to enter assault areas.
- Game freeze issue would occur during the "Bait and Switch" quest under certain circumstances.

* The following was adjusted on the Apr. 25, 2006 5:30 partial area maintenance:
- Besieged stronghold military decrease rate has been adjusted.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

Apr. 24, 2006 11:45 [PDT]

FINAL FANTASY XI Update (Apr. 24)

At the following time, we have performed FINAL FANTASY XI version update.

[Affected Period]
Apr. 24, 2006 12:00 (PDT)

[Affected Services]

[Important Update Details]
Following updates were made on Besieged:
- Changed the increase rate of the checkpoint forces.
- Checkpoint forces will not decrease even if Archaic Mirror in the beastmen checkpoint is destroyed. But it will stop the increase of the checkpoint forces.

Following updates were made to resolve the congestion in Aht Urhgan Whitegate:
- Increased the number of passengers on the ship heading out from Aht Urhgan Whitegate.
- Bazaar items will be taxed in Aht Urhgan Whitegate. The tax rate is the same as in Jeuno region.

- An issue where Nashmau can be set as a home point after changing the job has been addressed.

- Changed the sale price of black ghost.

Official PlayOnline Announcement

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